Nestled in the center of the historic town of Seaview, Shelburne Hotel brings together an old world style with modern day furnishings to create a charming and adventurous escape to the Washington Coast.

Built in 1896, The Shelburne Hotel is the longest continuously operating hotel in Washington State. Renowned architect Charles Beaver built the hotel across the street from where it currently stands. In 1906, Charles sold the hotel to William Hoare, who owned a building across the street. In 1911, the Hoare family hired a horse and carriage team to pull the building across the road, where it was then attached to the already standing building, creating a 15 room hotel with a large lawn surrounding the property. Throughout the years, the Shelburne has been a home away from home to weary travelers the world over, and has hosted a variety of artists, musicians and interesting persons. It also attracted a number of spirits which still walk the halls to this day.

In 1977, the Shelburne was purchased by Laurie Anderson and David Campiche, who, with the help of Ilwaco architect David Jensen, lovingly created the Pub and Inglenook and remodeled the rooms so that each room would have its own bathroom.

David and Laurie lovingly passed on the stewardship of the Shelburne in 2018 to Tiffany and Brady Turner, the founders of Adrift Hospitality. Long Beach Peninsula locals Tiffany and Brady held their wedding reception at Shelburne, and grew up in its kitchens. Adrift Hospitality is committed to preserving this historic building and the important history behind it for many years to come.

As seen at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, the Shelburne Hotel grew from fourteen to eighteen rooms after its move across the railroad tracks.

Our distinctive stained-glass is repurposed from a church in Morecambe, England, that was being torn down, and dates back to the 1800s.

The train timetable, showing the Shelburne stop along the North Beach Railroad.